Underfloor Heating Solutions

We carry out full design installation and screed overlay

Why underfloor heating?

Underfloor heating operates at a lower temperature than a conventional water heating system, meaning the cost of operating is reduced in comparison to a conventional water heating system (such as radiators). It works exceptionally well with an air source heat pump too.

Optimum comfort
Studies have shown that a human is at optimum comfort when feet are warm and air around the head is cool. Underfloor heating only emits its primary heat to around 3 foot, making this the most favoured method of heating. Unlike that of a radiator system, which emits heat from 3 foot and causes a pocket of warm air at head height, the total opposite of what the body desires.

Design Friendly
As underfloor heating is hidden below your floor finish, there are no heating components such as radiators blocking an area you may want to put an item of furniture. Your room will be a blank canvas! Can be designed as part of the ASHP Install.

Timed Temperature Control
With the use of high quality thermostats, you may separately control each zone throughout your home or business. You can separately control what time each underfloor heating zone is activated and to what temperature it will operate at.

Floor Types

Underfloor heating can virtually be used under any floor finish. The best floor type for underfloor heating is flooring with a good thermal conductivity to enhance the floor to heat up quicker, give more heat output and run more efficiently. The only difference between which floor finish to use with an underfloor heating system is the thermal conductivity of the material.

Underfloor Heating for All Room Types


Ground Floor

If you are installing an underfloor heating system on the ground floor of a new-build home, consider one of our water systems which can be installed directly into the subfloor.

If you are refurbishing the ground floor of your existing home, one of our low-profile water or electric systems would be recommended.

Upper Levels

If you are installing underfloor heating upstairs, many of our electric systems are ideal to use. If your property has suspended timber flooring, we offer a range of water systems that have been developed to use with such subfloor constructions.

Costs of Underfloor Heating in your Home


The initial costs of purchasing a system and installing it vary depending on the requirements of your project, however the increased efficiency of underfloor heating results in big savings on your energy bills. Floor heaters run at lower temperatures than central heating whilst still producing the same level of warmth and comfort, resulting in lower long-term running costs.

Why not give us a call for a no obligation quote based on your individual requirements. Then you can make a decision based on the facts.

Check out our renewable technology methods that underfloor heating systems work efficiently with:



Solar PV

Solar Thermal

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