Servicing and Maintenance

We carry out a full maintenance service on all renewable technologies

ASHP Servicing

It is a requirement of a manufacturers warranty to service an Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) annually. It is also a condition of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) that your unit is operating effectively and the best way to do this is to ensure it is suitably maintained. 

Ecoheat ASHP Ltd can offer servicing of an ASHP (up to 22kW) which includes:

30 mile radius from Preston City Centre
Engineers on site for up to 1.5 hours
Check system operation and system settings
Clean heating system filter
Check external evaporator heat exchanger
Check heating system anti-freeze level
Check system expansion vessels
Domestic hot water cylinder and pressure relief valves (PRV’s) operation check
Tightening of electrical connection and anti-vibration mounts
Ensure no leaks
Check Hot Water pasteurisation settings
Record system operation parameters

We will also check complimentary systems such as your underfloor heating to make sure it is running effectively and for optimum

Cost of service £140+ VAT.

For system larger than 22kW. Please contact us to request a bespoke quotation for service.


Additional notes:

  • The above does not include for any additional anti-freeze that may be required. This will be quoted at the time of the works as it can vary greatly between properties.
  • Does not include any component replacement outside of warranty. Workmanship warranty is two years, manufacturers warranties vary and apply from date of commissioning. Please see Terms and Conditions from your original purchase.
  • Additional mileage will be quoted at the time of enquiry. 
  • Does not include for any labour for additional works. 

Why do I need to service my system?

Apart from it being a requirement of your warranty, it is also a condition of the Renewable Heat Incentive if you applied and receive that. 

It is also key in maintaining good efficiency and prolonging the life of the kit.

Will you service a system you didnt install?


Yes, Absolutely

We understand that its not always possible to get the original installer to provide ongoing servicing of your system. This could be for reasons such as the company is no longer in business, they are too busy, they may not live locally or up to your expectations. It could be that it was installed prior to your occupation and  you werent given the paperwork.

Worry not, we can help you! 



Recent example of a service


This system was installed by another service provider but hadnt been maintained for a while and was under performing due to all the leaves around the condenser which is vital to keep clear. After a service and a clean it is working at its optimum for the home occupants. I’m also certain it will reduce their energy bills.

Further examples of our work are available in our gallery or on request.